i am under (sensitive/nervousive) (re)construction :}



~~To name how I° began/I’ve begun, c* &* & / ( for example.~~

Coming from my (WHOIS history) registering self (I hadn’t learned academic/MandatedReportedSpelling [] words for pain like Ow), remember that my smiling straight might got/git/get me sh**.

Talking about Macs as-if people was useful and healthier.

*I was Error Number 17 for many examples, obviously i’m 29 now, but just to warn you are reading somehuman some human before being able to name theirself.

°(TOTALLY STRAIGHT-EDGE, so vet/add/sub I did a report on MJ in HS (graduated at 16) b4 ever even drinking 2 beers even once, so I turned 18 and voluntarily tried/partaked (I *waited*, I was always called mature from an extremely early age for waiting through what people saw happened around me,… I kept/valued my baseline would be deep logy, I needed to be able to vote {why I advocate Unadulterated Homework/Homelogy} first before saying E_MOTION/A_MOTION.), and still talked same. SAME. Same.)

So I say “Mac” I might mean *.