Linguistically Verizon has more meaning to me than my heritage, except to Pain Point logic from YCombinator, where a nervous system keyword gets you credibility.

Literally, biblically, hermenuetically, Gabriel is a name torn from some form of message.

To take that literally, scripture-extreme if you need a name, has some form of torture sound.

I relate to issues just to describe there are many words which can be personal triggers, so using my own origin gives me Go-like ( features, that example being Google calling Go.

So I go from iGabe to iSew.

A biture.

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    1. iGabriel\l Context(e Post author

      First name, first rush. Now is great to mention I psychoacoustically peaked at around age 5.

      Sound Torture/Spiritual Abuse/Verbal Abuse ain’t friendly repeatability at that early memory.

      I’ve been talking about that first Memory Formation forever (literally a 5 y/o Broken-Record tattle-tale, to defam(e) myself of course respectedly by having repeatedly stopped working/worqueen). That’s my identity.

      Sound at least is a safe word for what I heard.

      Talking about my homework, before and after school.

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