Standard Facebook is my Activity Log. Normal.

I will ignore this page for now til I return.

I made this section before 2015.11.1 when right b4 a major election tsunami I got left staring at a Name Change scare.

Edit: 2018.11.01 Add `Standard Google is My Activity.`

I keylog myself. …otherwise others may tend to be (inexplicably and with rare specification/documentation/E-Discovery/standards of their own superactions available as even scholarly evidence) allowed to fill words not knowing/realizing I (a user, actually type using my brain, which still happens due to the reading difficulties of many even cleared superadmin internet people having emotional/psychological/digital literacy issues, the liability of superadmins not being able to ask questions (superadmins only cleared to use/”speak” hexspeak/Sound_bite offiically due to entity liability if speaking English clearly, and the fact that most people need to prepare a paid speech because for most people/Americans talking “well” (especially about cryptogrammar psychotechnology where obscurity is thought/excused/rushed as sanity and Psychologists/Psychoanalysts are rarely, rarely, rarely empowered/employed) is rare and rarely realistic), and generally limited time to personally read every user. Mostly I keylog because generally people do not ask questions (often a liability for most entities’ workers — organizations tend to value avoiding recording language with question marks — to ask questions), so a record, of even just lettering, gives integrity.

e.g. I joined 2006.09.09 (99 like 18, I know that much from experience reading “$99″, many do not get even that far before throwing a form fit) which breaks being given/”tested” through hexspeak through people who just (are only authorized or given the ability ~~to use a single weapon to~~) speak ~~with integrity~~. I challenge people who can not (or do not have the experience to, maybe only being trained/employed to make a(n) advert/swear/slur/code) speak clearly about that to speak clearer than that.

i.e./TL;Dr: I have people reading me who do not know what they are reading. So I am tasked with using variables that cope and deal with common and even organizational literacy issues bent around singular keyword usage (for organizations that only read for single meanings from single keywords, causes, we, uh, er, huh, well, err, well, the greater technology community lets us just ignorantly call thit “Computational Linguistics” pain).